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Website Gallery


A selection of websites I’ve created. Click on them for a larger view.

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Artwork Gallery


This is mostly pixel fan art, done by me!

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Project Deimos Site (Mostly) Up and Going!


You can find the site here, but it is still really very much being worked on as we speak, just as much of the server in the first place. We plan for a release around early Spring or late Winter, depending on support and how much work can get done during Winter Break. If you’re […]

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Agharta Database Information Requests


Are you looking for old wiki pages or forum pages from Agharta?  Please send me an email via the contact form on this webpage in order to set up retrieving this information.  I will need your username and email in order to do both, but please make sure to note what you’d like.  Do note […]

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Nameless Game Idea #234233

Settling on a plot, or at least a loose plot for a text based RPG written in Java language (mostly so its easily portable between OS, that and its so easy to develop for anyway). The setting of this RPG would be real world. Of course, there would be some liberties taken to make it […]

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old DB things

I still have all the SQL dbs related to Agharta business backed up on my machine. If you’re looking for anything you wrote on the forum or wiki (character wise), contact me.

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Browedit BORF Reorganized ROMODELS.TXT


You can find the link here.  Simply replace your romodels.txt in your data folder in your borf folder, and ta-da! An organized list of most objects in RO for your mapping needs.

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Ragnarok Map: Cyrus Circle Tower

Cyrus Tower 001

An indoor map of a tower for a Magic Guild.

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Ragnarok Online Quest: Osward’s Journal


A quest originally developed for a private Ragnarok Online server based on the lore written for the server.  Begins in Prontera.  Please look over NPCs and change their placements for your own server.

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Ragnarok Online Function: Big Or Small?


Super quick function to call if you want a user to choose between their sprite size.

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