Nameless Game Idea #234233

Settling on a plot, or at least a loose plot for a text based RPG written in Java language (mostly so its easily portable between OS, that and its so easy to develop for anyway).

The setting of this RPG would be real world. Of course, there would be some liberties taken to make it more ‘gamelike’. I want the over all feel to be very much Earthbound-ish, not something serious, but not something overly jokey.

The theme of this would be a cross-country road trip. Instead of an airship you’d have a station wagon. Dungeons? Tourist traps. The treasure? Silly knick knacks like those god-dang ‘all i got was this lousy teeshirt’ equips.

Can someone say National Lampoon Vacation movies featuring Chevy Chase? It’d be pretty neato to grab a lot of stuff from movies that feature road-trips, and maybe a few mechanics from Oregon Trail, while still being a strong Text based RPG. With how its set up it’d be easy to add more dungeons if wanted since its a rather open world, even after development.

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