Howdy! Wondering what this site is? Well it’s a lot of little bits put together.
This URL started out as the domain name for Agharta – a roleplaying community that ended in June 2013. Since I was the administrator and coordinator of that group, I decided to use the domain for other matters since not only was it a pretty nifty domain name, but I needed a place to host all my work to show off and share! So think of this website as both my portfolio and blog of sorts.


Who am I? My name is Kelsey Blount, web designer and programmer.  I’ve worked a lot in mostly web platform programming, but I’ve also done some desktop applications and database designing.  I also like to draw and write!
All code snippets on this site are provided for free and without warranty or support from the original developer. They are open to be edited, but original source must be cited in order to be used or edited.

Other creative content is not to be used without prior permission from author unless otherwise stated.