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Capital Rachel de facto
Form of Government Hegemony
Ruler(s) The Oracle
Legal System Theocratic Tyranny (Unknown)
Official Language(s) Aruni
Population 90,000 98% Human
Official Religion(s) Veda
Literacy 4%
Technology Level Bronze Age
Major Imports Crops, buildings materials
Major Exports Missionaries, Mercenaries
Natural Resources Olives, oils, goats

Arunafeltz, sometimes referred to as The Veins Tyranny and officially The Aruni League is a conglomerate of City States occupying the Northwestern quarter of the continent. Sporting a startling sized landmass, Arunafeltz ranges from barren deserts to the south, to frozen wastelands at the north. Arunafeltz is an undeveloped state of tribes and archaic city states, held under the hegemonic theocracy in Rachel. It consists of the cities of Rachel & Veins. Arunafeltz borders The Schwarzwald Corporate Republic to the east and is surrounded on all other sides by the sea.



Arunafeltz geography spans three distinct areas. The first, the barren deserts of the south, long stretches of sand with few landmarks to define the area. As one retreats northward the environment becomes more temperate, turning into a sandy yet hospitable landscape before once more returning to a wasteland in the northern reaches.

Thor Volcano

Located on the area bordering the barren south & temperate centre of the country, Thor volcano is the largest active volcano on the continent and takes an important place in Aruni religion and is often used as a place for astronomy. "Thor Volcano" is the name given to it by Rune colonists named for their god. The locals know it as "Oros Olympos" , home of the gods.

The Ice Caves

A mysterious set of caves in the far north, the full extent of their range is yet unknown. While believed to have been made naturally, questions have been raised about if and how someone could have constructed the caves, and for what purpose.



Historically the most powerful of the Aruni City States, Rachel exerted its power both politically & religiously throughout the region backed by perceived threats from its military power. After a crippling attack from both a dragon and a Veins army, Rachel crumbled. It is now the second most powerful city state in the country, but currently heavily shackled by Veins.


Historically the second largest city state and Rachels main competitor, Veins is a military city state that found no support for leadership once the fighting stopped and has been bitter about that fact ever since. Following a prophecy of their Oracle, the king of Veins marched on Rachel in the wake of a dragon attack. The King fell in combat, and The Oracle captured the Temple in his place. Veins is now the most powerful City State in the region, exerting a tyrannical rule over the Aruni League.


Arunafeltz's economy is driven mostly by Rachel & her church, with a tithe from all followers going to the city. This ensures goods from uncivilized tribes of the country make their way to Rachel to be bought & sold. This money is then funneled away to the de facto capital, Veins. The average man makes his living either through the church or through mercenary. After veins took over and abolished a large portion of church law, the market for historically restricted foods and drinks was opened.

Outside of Rachel, Rival city state economies are highly monitored and taxed to ensure Veins' de facto rule over the area, manipulated through Aruni League law, subject to change on The Oracle's whims.


Religion is pervasive in Aruni life, be it in the urban areas or the tribes of the desert. Veins uses it to enforce its rule, and to inspire fearlessness in it's troops. Laymen of the faith give large tithes to the church and lead their lives according to church law, straight from The Oracle's mouth.

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Aruni government & religion are one and the same. Technically, each City State and tribe owns their own sections of the country, but Aruni League statutes are heavily biased towards Veins, giving them power over the treasury and allowing them to de facto rule the region, even though de jure, the Aruni League is a democratic pact of City States. As such, Veins rules the region through theocratic tyranny. Not a tyranny as in cruel leadership. But the form of government that gives the head of state absolute power unbound by a constitution. This individual is The Oracle, a seeress based in Veins. Usurping power from Rachel in 1016 AG, Veins annulled the "Rachelian Constitution" and have so far stalled installing a new one. The Oracle reigns through threat of severe military force, the likes of which it used to secure power from Rachel, if the vassal states do not comply with the League.


Criminal Law is, as stipulated by the Aruni League constitution, a municipal government matter. Each city state or tribe is given full power to decide the fate of the criminal based on their own customs. This stipulation was a must in the culturally varied region of Arunafeltz. Rachel often hands criminals to the church to be punished by God in the dungeons, while Veins often enjoys trial through gladiatorial combat. The only exception to this rule, is Church Law. Most of Rachel's heavy handed laws such as required clothing and restricted goods and activities, were struck down by Veins when they seized power. But there are still a number of laws put in place by The Oracle to ensure Veins stays in power. Most of these laws are punitive measures against Rachel, but other stipulations cripple other city states ability to grow in power in certain areas as well.


Rachel sports a well equipped and far spanning army, but the best trained, most elite soldiers come from Veins. Often called the greatest soldiers of humanity, the Veins military runs like a well oiled machine and are well known for their phalanx maneuvers. As it stands, Arunafeltz holds a small but dedicated band of soldiers relying heavily on Phalanx, making them a weak offensive force with a serious defensive advantage.

Notable Organizations


Aruni culture varies from tribe to tribe. While Rachel dominates in it's hegemony, it does not share the exact same culture with it's client states. All tribes in the Arunafeltz desert however, do share similar rituals and themes, if not exactly the same. Aruni are very religious people and tend to zealously follow their chosen religion, usually the Rachel sponsored religion. Most Aruni religions and tribes share an affinity for astrology & astronomy having talent and history in both.

Arunafeltz is known for having over 500 dialects of Aruni, making it a peculiar language. While this causes language barriers in some cases, most native speakers manage.


A tribal area of humans that was colonized by the Empire of Rune-Midgards, a few tribes slowly grew into large city-states, mainly Rachel and Veins. During the Great War, Arunafeltz was the first Imperial Province to rebel, as soon as the troops left for the front lines. In an agreement between Rachel and Veins, the two city-states spearheaded the rebellion. The following civil war was short, what few soldiers were left in the country were quickly incapacitated, and Rune could spare no one else. After securing independence, Rachel offered the other city states join the "Aruni League", for an entrance fee and yearly payment, the city-state would be part of an inclusive trade bloc. However, Rachel used the League treasury to fund it's church and government projects. After awhile, with the power they'd gained using the treasury funds, Rachel changed the League contracts to fit "Church Law", and through assumed threat of military force, it's client states had to obey.

After she had supposedly seen a series of visions "The Oracle", the religious leader of Veins, began putting together a plan. She predicted a Dragon's attack on Rachel; the reason the dragon attacked is still unknown. Veins followed the dragon closely after and captured what was left of the city. Their forces captured the temple, pacified the Rachel military, and took over as the leaders of the Aruni League.