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The Dokkalfar (meaning "Dark Elves") are a race of shrewd and dexterous beings characterized by pointed ears, dark complexions with light hair, and their most defining feature, tusks.Along side their Sister race, the Ljosalfar, they are the second most common race of Midgard. Dokkalfar builds are similar to their Fae counterparts, both being very tall, however, Dokkalfar are usually a little heavier set, developing muscle mass faster than a Fae can. Dokkalfar eyes are commonly a dark colour, while their hair is usually very light, a stark white being vary common. Dokkalfar tusks tend to only be large and noticeable in males of the race. In days past they were used similar to antlers in mating displays, but this practice has fallen out of use. As such, female tusks tend to be much smaller, and may only be noticeable when the mouth is open. In contemporary times, some male Dokkalfar find their tusks unsightly and will often whittle them down, or remove them completely. Conversely, some Dokkalfar choose to carve intricate designs into their tusks as a form of body modification. Dokkalfar are often called "Trolls" as both a common nickname for the race, and less frequently because of it's everyday use, as a racial slur.



Trolls are tall, willowy and rangy. About the same height and weight of a Fae, Trolls tend to put on much more muscle much faster. However, they are by no means large creatures, their muscles are sinewy and more built for dexterity and flexible than strength. Troll tusks were in ancient times a sign of virility and strength, but are nowadays commonly filed down or completely removed, especially among the higher ups who can afford the procedure. Those who cannot afford a proper procedure will either tolerate it, or risk dying during a black market removal. Those who enjoy having their tusks often carve designs into them to make a greater display of them. Trolls reach maturity at about 25-28 years of age.

Mentally, Trolls tend to be more calculating and patient than a Human or Fae, which is sometimes mistaken for cowardice. Trolls have a good understanding of poisons, finesse and business, making for shrewd businessmen. Trolls have a natural affinity for water and enjoy spending their days on sandy beaches or rocky river beds.

Average Height: 6'-7'

Average Weight: 125-170 pounds

Average Lifespan: 190-210 years

Magical Affinity: High


As culture and history of a race depends on the area they are from, see the individual country pages for more information on those subjects:

  • Dokkalfheimr: A monarchy led by the God-King descendant of the Troll's ancient prophet.


Trolls are high magic creatures, just as their Fae brethren are. This means that Troll can perform feats of magic with little or no formal training. This does not mean a novice Fae could defeat a Human who has been training for years, it means that Trolls are naturally attuned to magic and can perform simple spells naturally, and learn more difficult spells easier. Unlike Fae however, magic Trolls can naturally cast tends to be quiet and subtle instead of flashy, but is equally effective.


Trolls are unique in that almost every single troll worships the same god, their God-King. Therefore, Troll religion changes just as often as the ruler does.


  • Humans: Dokkalfar historically shared animosity with humans as well, considering them responsible for the destruction of their beloved island home, Nifleheim. Humans on the other hand believed Trolls to be sneaky and conniving thieves, who abused their economic savvy to scam others. This accompanied with the Dokkalfar love of water, have led to the stereotype of the "Troll bridge". In response, Trolls coined the term "Hairless ape", quickly accepted as the preferred term for a human by Fae everywhere. In recent times however, the two races have begun to bury the hatchet as trade and tourism between the two races increase, turning their "pure animosity" to "mutual awkwardness", though a few racist holdouts remain in both races.
  • Fae: Fae and Trolls have a complicated history. While they are both aware and acknowledge the two are sister races, they have not always gotten along. Before the Great War, The two in fact tried to avoid eachother as much as possible, the Trolls seeing Fae as snooty, and the Fae seeing Trolls as unrefined. After the war, however, the Fae were grateful of the Troll support and Trolls equally grateful for the Fae giving them land to call their own in the spoils of war. Today, Dokkalfar and Ljosalfar still considered eachother unrefined and snooty respectively, but do so amicably as friends.
  • Changelings: Trolls and Changelings both know the sting of being mistrusted by many, and have developed a mutual respect because of it. While Trolls are still not certain about Changelings, they know to give them the benefit of the doubt. Changelings sincerely appreciate this, and the two, as both are races of islanders, have developed a strong friendship with a strong tourism trade.
  • Hobs: Trolls do not personally hold any grudge against Hobs, however, as Hobs see them as enablers of the Fae's multiple campaigns of Genocide, it is just as likely for a Hob to attack a Troll as she is to attack a Fae. A Hob will never, ever, cooperate with a Fae, they may, however, if forced, begrudgingly work with a Troll, and the Troll will merely deal with animosity. However, Trolls don't appreciate the Hobs attacks on them, souring Troll opinion of Hobs.