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The world of Midgard is occupied by a variety of races, each with it's own culture, history, and lands to call their own. The races listed here are the most influential and common in the world of Midgard.


The most common race of Midgard, calling three distinct countries their homes. They are defined as a race of varied build and colorization, but brown hair and brown eyes are the most common colorization for this race. Humanity is nothing if not adaptable, members of the race being good at various different things. Often derogatorily referred to as "Hairless Apes".

For a more in depth description of Humanity, see Humans


The Ljosalfar (meaning "Light Elves") are a race of magically inclined beings characterized by pointed ears, large, vestigial, bug-like wings and very light complexions with dark hair. Along side their Sister race, the Dokkalfar, they are the second most common race of Midgard. Ljosalfar builds vary, but strongly lean towards tall and willowy builds. Ljosalfar eye colour is always on the light end of the spectrum, however their hair is more often than not a dark colour, a pitch black being very common. Their wings are naturally translucent, however as they are useless for flying, they may have designs cut or dyed into them as a form of extreme body modification. Often called "Fae", usually in areas where "Ljosalfar" is considered too hard to pronounce, meaning they are called Fae by essentially everyone.

For a more in depth description of Ljosalfar, see Ljosalfar


The Dokkalfar (meaning "Dark Elves") are a race of shrewd and dexterous beings characterized by pointed ears, dark complexions with light hair, and their most defining feature, tusks.Along side their Sister race, the Ljosalfar, they are the second most common race of Midgard. Dokkalfar builds are similar to their Fae counterparts, both being very tall, however, Dokkalfar are usually a little heavier set, developing muscle mass faster than a Fae can. Dokkalfar eyes are commonly a dark colour, while their hair is usually very light, a stark white being vary common. Dokkalfar tusks tend to only be large and noticeable in males of the race. In days past they were used similar to antlers in mating displays, but this practice has fallen out of use. As such, female tusks tend to be much smaller, and may only be noticeable when the mouth is open. In contemporary times, some male Dokkalfar find their tusks unsightly and will often whittle them down, or remove them completely. Conversely, some Dokkalfar choose to carve intricate designs into their tusks as a form of body modification. Dokkalfar are often called "Trolls" as both a common nickname for the race, and less frequently because of it's everyday use, as a racial slur.

For a more in depth description of Dokkalfar, see Dokkalfar


Hailing from the far east, Changelings are the only common species of the world not to hail from the same continent as the other 4 races. Changelings are a race characterized by the fact that they cannot be characterized in any meaningful way. Changelings have the innate ability to change their facial features, body type and their hair and eye colour at will, but cannot shapeshift into any non-humanoid. A changeling when it has not decided on facial features, or when it is unconscious, asleep or dead, is said to have extremely vague facial features. A common analogy is that Changeling facial structure is the same as a memory of a person one saw once years and years ago. Changelings in their natural state, have grey skin, eyes and hair. All changelings are born with a gender, despite their ability to shapeshift into any gender they wish, and many tend to associate with the gender they are born with. It is their abilities that make them untrusted by many on the main continent, making many visiting Changelings adopt a Human, Fae, Troll or Hob form for the duration of their stay.

For a more in depth description of Changelings, see Changelings


Leprechauns(more commonly known as "Hobs") are a druidic race residing in the Haunted Forests of Payon. A hardy race of warriors, the Leprechauns have survived in the face of the score of supernatural monsters that reside in their forest home. Many misconceptions exist about the Leprechauns, mainly concerning their height. Leprechauns are, on average, not much shorter than humans, the rumours of their diminutive height being spread by the much taller Fae and Troll. Leprechauns are characterized by a preference of stout and muscular builds, below average stature and redder shades of hair colour. They can be distinguished from humans by their more circular, pronounced ears. Leprechauns are beings of magic, but are more commonly known for their martial prowess, as well as their strong, gold-based economy. The Leprechauns are commonly called "Hobs", however those who consider them greedy, or war hungry often instead refer to them as "Hobgoblins".

For a more in depth description of Hobkind, see Leprechauns


Better known as Finfolk, derived from their country of origin, Finfolkaheem. Finfolk are a race of traders, slavers, pirates, and merchants. The pursuit of wealth is close to a Finfolks heart. Finfolk hail from The New World

For a more in depth description of Finfolk, see Finfolk


Harpies are a lofty race of birdmen. Known best for their ability to fly, they are talented spymasters and master of divination. Harpies hail from The New World

For a more in depth description of Harpies, see Harpies


Domovoi, often called Gargoyles because of their stony horns and pointed tails, are lone dwelling builders. A Domovoi is generally a gentle giant, tending to it's personal gardens, but protects its territory fiercely. Domovye hail from The New World.

For a more in depth description of Domovye, see Domovoi

Other Races

The rarer, or simply oddities of this world.

Supernatural Races

This list includes monsters and beings created through alchemical means, as well as those naturally occurring via supernatural occurrences. Please note that these races are rare and few between, and because of it require special approval to play.

  • Homunculus - Created through the work of alchemy, homunculus are creatures that are inhuman in appearance, though hold some intelligence. Due to their short life span, many are only used as pets for alchemists.
  • Ghosts - Spirits that still hold onto this world, ghosts are entities that cannot interact with the mortal world beyond a faded appearance, quiet voices. Harboring ill emotions, these beings can be hostile.

Magical Races

In this world, the work of magic can result in living creatures or curses that change an existing entity into something warped. Please note that these races are rare and few between, and because of it require special approval to play.

  • Gnosis - Souls bound to objects through the use of magic, Gnosis are similar to ghosts in appearance. If the object they are bound to breaks, they break as well.
  • Vampyres - Cursed humans that roam the world endlessly with the need of living blood. Vampyres cannot step into daylight without pain.
  • Werewolves - Another set of cursed humans, though the curse only shows itself on the full moon, where the victim changes into a wolf like beast.
  • Golems - A creature born out of magic with a soul of what was once a mortal. Typically created with iron or wood, these creatures last as long as the material they are crafted from.
  • Dragons - Reptile like creatures with a wide wingspan, ability to fly, spit fire, and speak. These creatures are rumored to hold a mortal form, as well.
  • Abominations - The term given to a creature created through magic without an identifier already explained. This group also includes the undead.

Natural Creatures

  • Peco Peco - Flightless birds that are commonly used as mounts.
  • Drakes - Large reptiles that are commonly used as mounts.
  • Gryphons - Flying, ferocious creatures with the head and wing of eagles, but a body of a lion. Known as being mounts for the more adventurous.