Schwarzwald Corporate Republic

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Schwarzwald Corporate Republic
Capital Lighthalzen
Form of Government Republic
Ruler(s) President Aldous Orwell
Legal System Corporate Republic (Oligarchy)
Official Language(s) Schwarzwaldian
Population 300,000 90% Human
Official Religion(s) None
Literacy 60%
Technology Level Steampunk-Western
Major Imports Crops, Precious metals
Major Exports Iron, Tin
Natural Resources Iron, Copper, Tin, Coal

"Schwarzvald Corporate Republic; Making tomorrows future today"

The Schwarzwald Corporate Republic more commonly referred to as simply "Schwarzwald", is a sovereign state consisting of mineral rich deserts pockmarked by basins, mesas and the occasional mountain. Schwarzwald makes good use of the minerals found in the area, manufacturing being the major enterprise of the corporation. Schwarzwald is represented and run by the Schwarzwald corporation and her subsidiaries with her people acting as permanent employees subject to the whim of the country's board of directors. Schwarzwald consists of Lighthalzen, Yuno, Einbroch, Einbech, and Hugel. It shares land borders with Arunafeltz to the west, a narrow sea separating it from Alfheimr in the southwest, and The Kingdom of Rune to the southeast. It borders the Bay of Hugel to the east.



The vast majority of Schwarzwald is a mineral rich desert with cacti and low lying grasses and bushes being the main vegetation. Cliffs, canyons and basins have all been etched into the landscape by years of erosion. The areas around Einbech & Einbroch however, have turned grey from pollution, soot, and the heavy mining of the surrounding area with much of the groundwater long ago made too toxic to drink, the government all too willing to bottle and sell "Lighthalzen Fresh Water" to it's citizens. Hugel & Lighthalzen are two exceptions to the usual topography of the land, both with green grasses and vegetation in abundance.

Ein Mountains

A mineral rich mountain range and currently a target considered for a strip mining project, these mountains are one of the few iconic images all people in Schwarzwald relate to.

El Mes Plateau

A seismically active area and location of the volcano that houses Yuno, the Plateau is dry & rocky and would be forgettable if not for it's geothermal behaviour.



De Jure capital, Schwarzvald Co. Headquarters and almost constantly used in corporate advertisements and propaganda due to the opulence of the average citizen on the right side of the tracks, Lighthalzen is the research & development centre of the Corporate Republic where the most talented in the country make their living, and where those with the right connections revel in nepotism.


Einbroch is the main manufacturing centre of the country where exports are constructed and shipped, and where imports are processed. The soot & pollution from the industrial sector leaves the air smoggy, the ground filthy and the groundwater toxic.


Einbroch's sattelite city and home to the largest currently known coal & Iron mines in the country, many citizens come here to earn their wealth in the mines, unfortunately the lax health codes lead to a very unhealthy living environment.


Yuno is the Corporate Republics answer to Geffen, a sign that the lawless Republic can compete with the Absolute Monarchy of Rune. Built above an active volcano, Yuno is the magical equivalent to Lighthalzen, researching & developing new magical methods to turn a profit.


Hugel is often touted as a getaway from urban life, and is mainly a tourist town. Most of the permanent residences make the majority of their income from rich tourists coming to "get away from it all" and be charged inordinate prices.


Schwarzwald is to put in simply, an economic powerhouse, holding more than 70% of the worlds wealth. With powerful industrial sectors and constant commercial branding of everyday products, Schwarzvald is able to gain a monopoly on almost every industry in the country and recycle the funds to keep the cycle going. Mining is the most popular job in the country with manufacturing at a close second.


Unlike most other countries, Schwarzwald has no official state religion, as they have no state to begin with. However, the Schwarwzwald province was the birth place of the Vanatru heresy and is still the most popular religion today.


A description of the Schwarzwald government is a description of the lack there of. Ran only be large super corporations, the only "laws" are the whims of the companies, the extent of which is only enforced on company property, leaving most of the country lawless. Schwarzwald corporation instead of supplying things like water, roads & education, privatizes them, then uses it's subsidiary companies to create monopolies and maximize profit. Schwarzwald Corporation is run by a President and his board of directors, drawing parallels to a President and his congress.


Laws in Schwarzwald are enforced to the property lines of Corporate Outposts and not an inch longer. Cities tend to be highly monitored for any crime or infraction that Schwarzwald Co. disapproves of and criminals are quickly dealt with. In the Frontier, citizens in a town may enforce their own version of laws, but generally in Schwarzwald it is believed a man can only enforce laws on his own property.


Schwarzwalds military is run by the corporate subsidiary of Einbroch Industries, assembling and deploying top of the line gear to the private mercenaries hired to guard Schwarzwald Corporate property. While the military is not large, in fact it is quite small, Schwarzwald is the only military to be completely outfitted with gunpowder infantry giving them a decisive advantage in the field.

Notable Organizations

  • Schwarzwald Co. Subsidiaries:
    • Lighthalzen Research Labratories
    • Einbroch Industries
    • Yuno Academy
    • Hugel Industrial Fishery


Schwarzwald finds itself in the curious position of having no real culture of it's own. While it could be said the average Schwarzwald citizen is more technologically or alchemically minded than the average Human, they had not been a country long enough to have culture, art, traditions or anything of the sort. However, the lawless nature of most of the country has led to the development of the culture, and while there are certainly local traditions growing more dominant in other areas, there is no strictly "Schwarzwald" culture one can yet point to.


Before the Great War, Schwarzwald was a province of the Empire of Rune-Midgards. When the war began to turn for Humanity, Rune presence faltered and eventually ceased in Schwarzwald. Soon after Rachel spearheaded Arunifeltz's rebellion and won independence it was not long before the people of Schwarzwald clamored for their own country as well. Unfortunately, there was no government or even a unifying culture to turn to. Schwarzwald had never hosted a culture of it's own, only becoming inhabiting after Rune began to mine the land. It would not take long for the void left by this power vacuum to be filled, however. Merchants began offering the same services the same services Rune once offered, but they didn't require "taxes", only monthly fees. Once the contracts were signed and the cheques had cleared, only a handful of Mega-corporations survived holding large swaths of power and wealth. When the Great War ended and Rune returned to take Schwarzwald, they found that the war-weary Rune was no match for this new, Corporate Republic.