Adrian Martin

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Date of Birth:

24 August

Date of Death:




Physical Description:

He's a little tall, his dark brown eyes are mostly hidden by his long hair, he has a somewhat defined fisique, but not very well defined, just enough. He is a total flirt, and will flirt with any girl that he finds attractive, but if he finds out she's taken, he will be respectful and just be a normal person talking to another person. Every night, he sleeps outside, anywhere he feels to, of course, if it's in a city he will ask for permission from... Well, anybody. He always has an enigmatic smile on his face.

Personality Description:

He's tender an caring, he always looks for a peaceful way of solving things. He's very curious, and will approach anyone he finds interesting, but specially if they have something that pops out on them, but, if he notices they are artist of any kind, he will immidiatelly go talk to them. Art is his passion. He never forgets someone and he always keeps his promises. He is very bad with remembering hard names. Since he lived out, he can actually cook something with whatever you give to him, and make it taste good. His special plate is the Vegetable Stew, he sometimes goes to the market in Prontera and Purchases some Vegetables in order to prepare it. He doesn't make this stew very often, but whenever he makes some, he makes sure to share with somebody, even if it has to be a desert wolf. He always has his guitar, Jackeline, with him. And treats it as if it were gold, for some reason, he plays on every chance he gets and he has an amazing ear, he can follow any song along. He's not very into politics or rules, so sometimes he gets in trouble. He will sit anywhere and play for tips, even tho he really doesn't use the money, he saves it.


He's from a town that he never really talks about, whenever anybody asks him where he is from, he decides to change the subject, when he was around 15, escaped from town with his girlfriend at the time, Jackeline Fėlalas, they were perfect for each other, She played the flute, and he the guitar, they hung out at the desert, and played all night. They were very much in love. Until one fateful day, it happened... They were playing just outside of morocc, they were so inspired, until, out of nowhere, a tiger appeared, they were both extremely surprised, since there were no tigers at the Morocc's desert, and it just suddenly attacked Jackeline. It bit her head really hard until she stopped fighting for her life, and her neck got crunched to the edge of death, on a desperate attempt to save her, Adrian broke his guitar on the tiger's head, giving it a fatal blow, finally, he managed to get Jack ( As he oftenly refers to her ) out of the tiger's mouth, and got her in between his arms. On the momment of her death, she said to him, "I know you're meant for something great, I love you.", those last three words took the breath out of her, and she passed away right there, in Adrian's arms. The next day, he buried her near the oasis, right next to a pinkish palm tree. The following three months, he build a guitar all by himself, with just the knife he had, who used to belong to Jack, and named it after her, Jackeline. After this tragic momment, he closed up to people to a point where he would ignore people that would talk to him, all he would do was play his guitar non stop. Up to a couple years ago, he is finally starting to become his own true self, but as he mostly sleeps in the desert where this happened, he can't help to remember her and burst into tears every now and then. He used to use that tiger's skin as a blanket/bed. That guitar he built is now burned to Ashes. (Jaymie Locke Burnt it.)


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