Aaeru Hune

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Date of Birth:

February 16th

Date of Death:



Physical Description:

Bangs cut straight across her forehead, Aaeru keeps her hair short; it still being a bit wavy and still with a good amount of volume to keep it from sticking to her head and looking too boyish. Her hair is a dark colour much like stained wood, the dark colour helping to show off her light icy blue eyes. She helps her eyes stand out by wearing a complimenting shade of eyeshadow, also wearing minimal make up to keep her complexion looking even throughout her face. She does have some freckles on her cheeks, but you'd have to look closely to see them. Her ears are of moderate length, numerous earrings found on each ear. Her skin is fairly tanned from being outside so much, her hands callused due to all her bow and arrow practice-- even with the use of her gloves. She wears modest clothing on and off duty, wearing a special metal plate on her back and over her chest while on duty. She's almost always seen wearing a silk scarf around her neck and wearing the same boots on and off duty, the rest of her clothing changing day by day. She tends to stick to shirts and pants, wearing a fur cloak on cold, rainy or snowy days. She doesn't always have her bow and arrow with her, but keeps her longsword with her at all times as a back up weapon, also trained in the use of it.

Personality Description:

Aaeru is a very bubbly person. She's always laughing and smiling, despite what she had gone through in her past. She is very expressive with her face and hands when she talks, always seeming to sneak strange sounding slang words into her speech as she talks to keep the tone casual. Her voice always sounds chipper unless she's frowning-- which in itself is rare. She tends to keep her conversation patterns rather random as well, trying to keep people on their toes and interested in their conversation, not wanting to lose the attention of who she talking to. She is also a rather physically affectionate in the way of ruffling the person's hair or hugging them around the back of the neck with her arm. She claims she got the hair ruffling habit from her father, always striving to keep conversations outside of work from going serious if it can be helped. It's not to say she hates serious conversations, but would prefer to keep things as casual as possible and keep everyone around her happy and laughing along with her. Aaeru does have her depressing moments, but she keeps to her house when she falls into these moments... even if they last for days at a time. She only tends to slip into this when she drinks or is reminded of her deceased family-- thus one of the reasons she tries her best to avoid serious or depressing conversations so they don't slip into something related or that can be related to her past.


Aaeru was a rather energetic child from birth, always on the move when she was finally able to get around. She had gotten into crawling, standing, walking and running earlier than any other child her age. Her parents had a bit of a hard time keeping up with her, enrolling her in group activities and sports as soon as they possibly could. This way Aaeru was able to expend all the extra energy she seemed to be born with and learn social skills at the same time. It wasn't until she was on her school's track team that she would meet someone while she was 17 that would become important in her life later down the line-- Daeron I'laan. The man was 4 years younger than Aaeru, but they had quickly become inseparable friends. The two of them did almost everything together while in school, but the two of them were separated 3 years later when Daeron and his family had to leave Payon for undisclosed reasons. Aaeru had not been the same person since Daeron had left, her energy level dropping when she had lost her best friend for unknown reasons. She would spend the next 15 years graduating from school and getting herself into a couple jobs, eventually settling herself into The Peacekeepers at the age of 25 after she found herself to have a knack at archery. She would take a while to climb the ranks, but would eventually find herself somewhere in the middle before her promotions started to stop-- nothing in particular happening within Ljosalfar to earn anyone any promotions. Sometime after she had turned 35, an unknown man had showed up at her workplace, heading right over to Aaeru when he found her practicing her archery in the target field. She didn't seem to recognize the man at first, but after he dropped to one knee with a flower bouquet and engagement ring, she had instantly recognized the man as her long lost friend Daeron. The woman broke into a mess of tears, instantly accepting the proposal from the man she had wanted to see for 15 years and had loved even after all those years. Things would go well for the couple, marrying half a year later in the Spring. Due to the quick marriage, they spent the next months catching up and getting to know each other again... since they both had changed so much over the years. Soon after Aaeru's 36th birthday, the couple was happy to find out that they were expecting their first child early in the next year. Everything seemed to go swimmingly from that time on, the two of them growing closer through more events. Half way into her pregnancy, Aaeru had been called in for emergency back up on the city walls as a sniper. She had been put on desk work a few months before, but the emergency had been deemed important enough for them to pull her from behind her desk so they could use one of their best snipers to finish something off rather quickly. It seemed a rather nasty band of Humans had tried to scale the walls of Payon-- the city still closed off to Humans at the time. The band of approximately 30 Humans had mostly been taken down with Aaeru and the other snipers' help, though a few stray ones had made it up the wall, attacking any snipers they could get their hands on. Aaeru had tried to run, but was brutally attacked as she turned to run, damaging her spine. Daeron had become rather disgruntled with The Peacekeepers and the Council after his wife had been severely hurt, a depressive anger building up inside of him-- but at least he still had his wife and unborn child... Until a week later. While the child had tried to be strong, it was unable to survive the blow on its mother and the physical trauma and pain she was going through, Aaeru going into early labor and giving birth to the deceased child-- a girl. This incident had thrown the couple into a rather deep state of depression, even more piling up onto Daeron having to deal with it himself and having to watch his wife go through it all. Over the next two months, Aaeru went through a few surgeries to try and fix her spine. While they could not do it as well as the Humans would be able to in their technological cities, the Elves still did their best to make it so she could walk without pain again. Aaeru wouldn't see much of her husband over the next months, not even on her 37th birthday. She figured he had still been off grieving for the loss of their daughter-- a child neither of them ended up naming. She still fought and tried her hardest to rehabilitate her spine and other motor skills, her determination and growing energy levels helping her recover over the next 6 months... but she still had no visitations from her husband. On the day she had been discharged and her rehabilitation completed, Daeron was still nowhere to be found. Aaeru figured he was waiting at home for her, planning some sort of surprise party for her being healthy again. She was all smiles on her way home, but her world had shattered into pieces yet again when she found Daeron hanging from a noose inside their living room. The man had committed suicide only days before she was released from the clinic. There was no note or anything left for anyone, no explanation as to why he had decided to take his own life. People speculated it was because of the depression he had been in, but no actual reason had ever been found. Aaeru took the next half year off to try and pick up the pieces of her life, finding salvation in working her body up to speed for The Peacekeepers once again. She eventually went back to her cheery self, though people say she hides behind it, burying her past behind the smile on her face. 10 years had passed since then and people eventually stopped saying she was faking it, back to her old self that most of the other Peacekeepers had known from over a decade ago. No one speaks of Aaeru's deceased husband and daughter out of respect for her, it all being a thing of the past for them. She still has her engagement and wedding rings hidden away in her tiny home, the scars on her mid back from the attack and numerous surgeries a reminder of what had caused her so much unhappiness and grief all those years ago.