Arden Valdese

Played by:








Date of Birth:

October 5

Date of Death:



Physical Description:

Arden is the final product of an Amatsi man and Republican woman. Her face holds Republican features with the exception of her eyes, which are clearly Amatsi. She is always seen with a full face of make-up on outside of her home, including winged eyeliner and, normally, red lipstick. She wears dark office-like clothing, reflecting her family's occupation, complete with a tie. Her hair is normally done with a braided hairband style near her crown, and the rest of the hair let down. Arden never fails to look clean and pressed.

Personality Description:


Just like her three brothers, Arden was sent to the local university, Wolfram & Wayne to study business, accounting, and communications. Although she hates it, she knows it is the only thing that will make her parents proud of her. Her parents enrolled her in fencing classes, so Arden knows a bit about how to use a rapier sword and is extremely flexible. As a hobby, she enjoys drawing and painting. Of course, like any girl raised with high expectations, she tends to keep her talents hidden. For a pet, Arden keeps a brown, black, and white Ferret named Perry.


human, female, amatsi, republic