Theodore Grettle

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Date of Birth:

November 20th, 155

Date of Death:



Physical Description:

Theodore Grettle is seen as a young man for the most part, though its all the work of magic. He covers what parts of his body that he can, without clothes the skin underneath seems older than what he truly is. He has messy, curly, red hair and freckles and seemingly a happy smile on his face whenever possible. He is short for such a leader. Though he never seems self conscious about his height, just his skin. Currently, his hair is just past his shoulders, still curly as usual. It's a lighter brown than typically. He is back to using his body magic to appear youthful, but not as much as he once did.

Personality Description:


Theodore grew up fairly normally, though his birth was somewhat of a miracle. He was born blue faced, half dead, own cord wrapped around his neck. The doctors did what they could, and didn't know if the child was going to be brain damaged or die through his first night. Perhaps Freya shined her hope down on him, because he was a very healthy boy, even a rather...large boy. His interests were always magic and the religion of Vanatrue, espcially since the only stories his mother told him were those of magic and Freya. His father was a popular wizard, guildleader of the magic guild, and helped guide him in becoming one. Slowly he worked his way through the ladder, and somehow was at the right spot at the right time when he became the guildleader. Theodore is rumored to be one of the best magicians in all of the world, though, he is quite humble about it. Sadly, his father never saw him become the wizard he always wanted to be, dying before Theodore took the chair as guildleader of the Magic Guild in his place. His mother supported him through it all, but died in 205 to cancer. With the amount of magic behind his hands, Theodore felt as though he could do nothing for her even then. His luck with women has never shined brightly. Most women that seem to hang around him use him for his magic or his position in the government of Elysion. He has had an adoptive daughter for some time, but she disappeared without another word. He blames himself for the mess of what could be called a family life.


Mage, Wizard, NPC, Ginger, Sage