Osward Gilheart

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Date of Birth:

August 3rd, 156

Date of Death:



Physical Description:

Osward is a large man - tall and beefy. He is mostly muscle and scars. His face is littered with beats and batters and scars from over the years, as well as his body. His shoulders are what seem to be the most battle damaged. He has a quite a bit of body hair, enough to poke out when he's wearing a more relaxed shirt. His hair is graying. His skin is tanned from the training and business he's done out under the sun. Osward has a bit of a swagger to him when he walks, mostly from the damage he's received on his legs to his hips. It has even more prevalence since his left foot from the knee down is now a robotic replacement.

Personality Description:

Osward can be outlandish and loud at times. When he feels an emotion, he seems to feel it LOUDLY and professes such a thing. Laughing? He'll shake the ground with a guffaw that will deafen. Angry? Well, let's just say you don't want him to be angry. He is very serious in protecting the things he loves dearly to him.


Osward's father was a knight of the Pronteran Army himself. He trained his son at a very early age how to wield a blade. When Osward was old enough, he joined the Armor Guild's youth brigade and worked as a youth recruit until he was old enough to join the guardsmen. It seemed as soon as he joined the guardsmen that they sent him to guard a rather peculiar subject - Prince Tristan. Osward spent most of his days guarding the young man. When he was in his twenties, his parents attempted to have another child: his sister, who suffered from anemia. While his parents kept care of her, she passed at the age of twelve, when Osward in his mid thirties. His mother couldn't take the loss, and passed away shortly after that. His father, on the other hand, went on as if nothing happened. The young Osward had quite a number of adventures with a friend he met through training - Theodore Grettle. He kept his minds off his family's trouble by busying himself with guarding Tristan and helping Theodore with miscellaneous duties. He was a man that many came to rely on. He had found adventures in more than just magic and guarding - he has had a number of people enter and leave his bed. Osward didn't seem to find much of a steady girlfriend, though there seems to be reasons unknown for that... ((perhaps you could check out the custom quests we have available to find out more. the starting point for this is near the armor guild headquarters ;) )) Osward became guildleader of the Armor Guild in his late 20's. He was more than just in the right place at the right time - he was simply the best candidate for the position and then some. His loyalty over the years certainly paid off.


Knight, Elysion, Married, NPC, Guildmaster