Dresk Ammunt

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Date of Birth:

October 13th, 192

Date of Death:



Physical Description:

Pointed ears and a slim body of one who doesn't do much manual work. He has large eyes. Other than that he seems fairly plain, his clothes are what decorate him. Over the past year, Dresk as shot up and gained quite a bit of muscle from his work training.

Personality Description:

Hotheaded, childish, though at the center Dresk has some sort of manner of man inside him. Dresk has grown to become much more like a leader - stepping up for what is right. He dreams of being a good king - making his people happy. Though at the same time he is worried of being accepted by his people. With being a young man, he still has enough hormones going through him to make a bull crazy - Dresk has begun to grow into a man. And with this is the awkward stage of teenagehood that most movies over exaggerated or perhaps there's some truth in it.


His mother dying of an infection shortly after his birth, most of Dresk's upbringing was done by servants. He did not see his father much, the aging Mu man too busy with the troubles of the kingdom. Though the man did not have much time left in this world to begin with, dying shortly after the young prince turned three of unknown causes. Many things were set in place about the young prince in the occasion that his father had died - a council was set up to take care of the kingdom as the young prince grew and made sure he had the proper upbringing needed to control such a kingdom. The men in the council were handpicked by the King himself. Though it seems the prince had been cast aside by the council as soon as they took power - not putting much interest in the boy or his upbringing but caring about what they could do to benefit themselves. There wasn't and still isn't much that the prince could do to regain his kingdom without the approval of the council who doesn't seem to want to give it up. Though one night, very close to his 18th birthday, he was taken hostage. Only with the help of his bodyguard, Karui Sans, was Dresk about to escape and hide in Payon. Karui did not survive. He waited for a few weeks in Payon, and ended up leaving in the dead of night without telling anyone to take revenge for Karui on the council. Luckily, Pier Gerlofs noticed the prince in Morocc and persuaded him to come back to the rebel hideout (more like grabbed him and forced him to go). Through a rebellion, Dresk was able to take back the throne. He later killed Kahil Enlil. He is currently trying to dissolve his own troubles pertaining the kidnap of Rhiann Baenre.


King, Leader, NPC