Elle Caspur

Played by:








Date of Birth:

January 19

Date of Death:



Physical Description:

Elle's fashion sense looks to be more than she can afford at the moment, but she sneakily wears the same clothes in different ways each day. She is constantly wearing a silver heart locket over whatever shirt she's wearing.

Personality Description:

Elle is a fairly simple girl who was born and raised in Einbroch. As a result, she speaks with a light Einbrochian (German) accent and occasionally slips in words of the language. She enjoys the foods of the city and continues to live there with her roommate, Cara Smith. Despite the protest, she keeps a white, male cat named Tinker. In her teen years she picked up the habit of smoking. She refuses to run or do any kind of physical exercise for more than a few minutes and can usually be found sitting down. The combination of the smoke and smog has done a lifelong number on her lungs. Elle has tried to quit smoking, but relapsed after only a few weeks. However, because of the smoking, she is unnaturally thin for her height and weight. Elle is an aspiring writer as well as the projectionist of an underground theatre in Einbroch. She wants to write books and get them published, but also enjoys writing scenes for movies. She hopes that one day her talent will be recognized.



human, female, bisexual