Thane Galahad

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Date of Birth:

January 24th

Date of Death:



Physical Description:

As to be expected, he's not very similar looking to his siblings. While he does possess brown hair much like most of his siblings, his is a much darker shade. He also possesses blue eyes like most of his siblings as well, but they are a much sharper, icier blue. He inherited these from his biological mother-- a trait that's common among Moscovians. His hair tends to be a bit messy even after combing and hanging near his eyes, but his bangs are parted so his eyes are visible. His face holds a few small scars here and there. Some are from scuffles with family members, some from training... though never blames a family member for any of them. When on the job, Thane wears heavy armor with a sage green cape bearing the family's crest and symbol. When in his armor, he carries his Claymore-- which is custom made. The blade itself is a bit longer than a normal Claymore, the cross guard being a bit longer and tilted to face downward at a diagonal to face the blade slightly. The pommel is shaped like a Warg's head-- the family symbol. It's kept in a custom made scabbard and is always at his side. He does own a helmet, but doesn't wear it often. He does also have a peco at the Armor Guild stables, but only rides it when needed. When not working, Thane wears fairly casual clothing. It's far from what nobility wears, seeing as he has no right to dress much like his siblings. He usually wears a pair of jeans and boots to go along with it, wearing a button up dress shirt along with it. He usually keeps the shirt buttoned up, but when he's able to get outside and away from his family, the top two or three buttons usually become undone, showing off the mess of chest hair he has. He sometimes rolls up his sleeves too, if the weather calls for it. he occasionally wears a semi fancy vest over his dress shirt, much like the ones you'd see going with suits... just sans the tie and jacket. It's also a dark blue to match his jeans. There are many other scars around his body, most of them from some form of "punishment" he received from family members when being scolded. He tends to keep them covered, wanting to pretend that they don't even exist.

Personality Description:

Thane is a rather different person depending on where he is at the time, who he's near or what he's doing. He tends to switch between the happy talkative type and the strong silent type, the two used in specific situations. Whenever he is on duty following Sonya around or near most of his family, Thane tends to keep his mouth shut. He knows what he is and knows that he holds no standing within the household. There is times he will open up and throw himself into the conversation, but many times have proven to backfire, so he chooses his times and words very carefully. It's almost like the armor he wears makes him a different man with the expressions he carries on his face, a smile a rare thing when clad in the heavy metal. He does the same around his family and within the household when the majority of the family is together, though acts a bit differently when it's select siblings around. Thane never, ever smiles or speaks when his mother is around unless spoken to first. Whenever he gets the chance to get out and do things for himself, Thane turns into a fairly talkative person when speaking to someone he's met and so forth. He's open with conversation and comes off as a rather curious individual when people tell him about things he's never heard of before. While he's not as sheltered as his siblings, there's still many things in the world he hasn't seen or heard of, usually finding interest in such. Thane also seems to express an interest in travel, since the only time he's been outside of Prontera is whenever the family/Sonya goes anywhere or during the war. He's also rather self sacrificing of certain things. Even though it's not his fault at all, Thane will not accept anyone trying to treat him like a noble. No titles, no bowing to him, nothing special. He'd rather be treated like a commoner, since that's essentially what he is in his family. As much as he'd like to be called a lord, sir or otherwise... he'd rather not hear it instead of being teased with it and having to turn it down.


Born to a woman within the palace, who happened to be a servant from the island of Moscovia, Thane was taken from her at birth. His father, Edward Galahad, a man of Elysion nobility, took Thane into his own home to raise him. This of course meant that he was a bastard child and could not inherit anything that his family name would bring him. He was still raised among his half siblings though, but did not receive all the same perks as them. His mother, Katelyn Silverread, took no liking to him due to being a bastard child to the family and sees him as an annoyance and a soiling to the family name. While he grew up, Thane figured out that he was being treated differently. Through a yelling match with his mother, he found out that he was a bastard child and that his mother was a worthless whore who had died in childbirth. This of course isn't true, but Thane believed it to be... since no one had told him anything else. From then, he tried his best to respect the woman that helped raise him, though still fought with her over things. Through some beatings he learned to not talk back as much, but still has his slip ups. The only sibling he was really close to was his half sister Margery, whom he considers a "bro", since she's also a black sheep in her own sense. When he reached the appropriate age, Thane went to the Armor Guild for training. He took his training rather seriously and excelled in it, since it was something he could do to get away from his mother and the comments he would get about being a bastard child. He quickly made friends with Osward Gilheart as well, sometimes getting private training lessons from the man. Thane soon found himself good at the use of a longsword, but lacking in the agility department. To compensate for that, he wears heavy armor and works on his endurance in comparison to his speed. When war struck in 211, he accompanied his brother Edgar to war in the King's army. Thane didn't see much action, but was actually thankful for the time away from some of his family. His current whereabouts are unknown. After a heated discussion with his father about who his biological mother really is, he leaves after not getting any answers whatsoever. Even though he's hurt Margery and Alberio through his leaving, he has no respect any longer for the man he once called his father. With no information still on who his mother was, he's hoping to somehow get an audience with someone higher up in Moscovia and see if he can somehow get information through them...