Rhiann Baenre

Played by:








Date of Birth:

November 27th

Date of Death:



Physical Description:

Standing at almost 6 feet tall and most of her height coming from her very long legs, Rhiann is easy to pick out of a crowd. Her soft pink hair is kept short now, a result of it being cut off forcefully by someone. Her bangs sit just above her eyes, long enough for her to tuck behind her ears. Her ears are often seen to be pinkish near the tips, due to her ears being sensitive. On the upper part of her left ear is a small V-shaped notch, caused by her attempting to cut off the tips of her ears while still at the orphanage, something she doesn’t talk much about. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown, with some flecks of hazel near the pupil. Her eyes seem to have lost a lot of their shine lately, thanks to the fight being taken out of her. The hazel flecks aren't very visible anymore, her eyes almost looking to be one tone from time to time. Due to all of her jewelry, clothing and her tiny piece of emperium being taken away, Rhiann wears whatever she is given. While in the Black Manor, this consists of dresses fit for the seasons. On her request, the dresses go down a little passed her ankles, due to scars on her left ankle from shackles and a semi deformed looking right ankle from it being severely twisted by force. Most of the dresses, the ones lighter in fabric, have sleeves down to her wrists. She does also have dresses with shoulder straps and shoulder shawls, everything being in pastel colours and some in darker browns. She wears no jewelry, seeing as she has none, leaving her ears pierced with no earrings to decorate them. Rhiann switches between sandals and flats, depending on what she's wearing or what season it is, the shoes are generally white or brown. Her nails now remain colourless, Rhi keeping her nails a bit longer than she used to.

Personality Description:

Through the month and months of events she had been pushed through, Rhiann's personality changed. She is no longer a quiet, timid individual that doesn't wish to speak, but inserts herself and her presence into conversations if she has the chance. She tries her best not to speak out of line still, though does manage to do it from time to time. In certain situations emotions have full play on how she talks, smiling and frowning a lot more than she had ever used to. Hand and body movements along with changes in voice tone during conversations have started to become a norm for her as well, no longer frightened to speak her mind or really show how she feels through speech and physical motions. Even with all these changes, Rhiann is still a very caring person toward the people she loves and cares for, still giving strangers chances even after everything she had gone through. She's still concerned about people doing so much for her and giving her so much, though she's slowly getting used to it. Rhiann continues to go out of her way for the people close to her, sacrificing much of her happiness to make sure others are happier than her. She's also very much a chronic liar. She's so good at it she could be lying to you constantly and you'd never know.


Rhiann was born to her parents, whom were in their late 70’s, while they were vacationing in Hugel. Her mother was only 10 months pregnant at the time, resulting in Rhiann being born too early. Scared of their child having some sort of mental and physical deformity, they left her at the steps of Hugel church with only a slip of paper saying “Please take care of this child. Her name is Rhiann.” The church raised her until she was 2, when she was sent to the orphanage in Lighthalzen, which consisted of solely human children. Rhiann was bullied and teased from the moment she got there, but did not become aware of what the other children were doing until she could speak at the age of 5. She tried reasoning with the other children, but still got bullied regardless of what came out of her mouth. Being an elf, she had different ears than everyone. The other children would constantly tug and pull at them, laughing while she sat by herself on one side of the room crying about the pain. This went on for years and years. Over the next 5 years, many of the children that bullied her were adopted, but new ones kept coming and the cycle repeated. Staff also changed, bringing in someone who decided to care for Rhiann, even if she wasn’t a human. When she was 11, she decided she had had enough. When everyone was sleeping, she crept into the kitchen and rummaged through the cabinets. One of the staff had awoken to the sound of Rhiann’s creeping, and instead of stopping her, decided to be quiet and see what was going on. Out of the cabinet, Rhiann pulled out a small knife and held it up to her left ear. Grabbing her ear with her other hand, she cut into the tip her ear, causing her to cry out in pain. The staff member ran over to try and stop her, but made a wrong move and caused Rhiann’s hand to slip, resulting in a V-shaped gouge. The commotion caused the other staff to stir from their sleep, only to find Rhiann crying on the only staff member’s lap whom cared for her, blood everywhere. After that incident, Rhiann was deemed emotionally unstable by the staff and was kept under strict watch. Rhiann never spoke a word after what she did to herself, which ended the teasing that she had gone under for the past 9 years. After her 12th birthday, an elven couple from Alberta came looking for a child to adopt. They had no luck trying to find an orphan elf to their taste, so they tried scouring the human cities, only to find Rhiann. She was instantly adopted, though she still never spoke a word. Over the years until she was 18, she had underwent strict teachings to get the elven way of life into her mind, but she still never spoke. Her adoptive parents became frustrated and started abusing her until she would speak, if only a few words. She found her life with her adoptive parents to be worse than the orphanage. On her 19th birthday, she was told she was going to be married to a male elf that resided in Payon and had no choice in the matter. Sick and tired of her life being controlled, she sneaked out and ran away. For years she’d wander the forests and fields between the cities, making small talk with the animals as she recovered from her years of being mute. At the age of 23, she one day wound up in Prontera, seeking the help of the church. They took her in, giving her food and shelter. Rhiann found salvation in the religion of Vanatrue and decided to become an apprentice priestess. The church gave her a middle and last name when she became an apprentice, which she is proud of. She eventually locked away most of her bad memories, some still fresh in her mind due to her left ear always reminding her of her childhood. She still occasionally wonders to this day if her adoptive parents are looking for her, but it has become one of the last things on her mind. She’s only concerned with one thing right now-- finding her happiness.